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March 26 2016


Using Clip In Extensions To Give Someone A New Look

When someone gets a short haircut, and they are not pleased with the results, they have the option in using clip in hair extensions to instantly add inches to the hair. This is a wonderful way to hide a haircut that is not desirable. There is no worry about waiting for the hair to grow out because the clip in extensions will be able to grasp onto the existing strands easily. As long as there is an inch or two of available hair, clip in hair extensions can be a great solution for a bad haircut.

Clip in extensions can be purchased online or from a reputable beauty supply shop. The small clips are attached to the existing hair, allowing for a realistic look. Using smaller extensions can be a great way to fill in patches of thinning hair without altering the entire hairstyle in the process. Many people use a few tiers of extensions to add the appearance of volume to their hair. They can be easily removed as needed, allowing for several hair styles to be made from a few simple pieces. hair

Some people opt to purchase virgin hair to cut into the sizes they wish. They will then sew the clips to the woven end of the hair, making the extensions customized to their needs. This is a great alternative for those who do not want larger extensions. Another option is to cut larger pieces into smaller ones.

Caring for extensions is not that difficult. They should be removed from the hair before washing them. This can be done in a sink with cool water. Add a mild shampoo and gently rub it into the strands. Rinse well and add a conditioner to help moisturize the extensions. Dry the pieces on a towel instead of using forced air. It is best to avoid all heating appliances to prolong the life of the extensions.

Extensions can be colored, but it is best left to a professional for favorable results. Do not wash the hair or sleep with extensions in as this can cause the hair to tangle quite easily. If the clip in extensions south africa extensions seem snarled, use a comb to gently pull tangles out starting at the tip and working toward the clip portion. Adjust the area of your real hair where you attach clip on hair extensions so it does not become brittle from too much pressure from the clip. Switch your hair style every few days to keep your real hair healthy as it grows back out.
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